Support & Consulting

We’re able to provide excellent advice and support for computer networks. This includes workstations, servers, and the underlying network architecture that binds it all together. We’ve partnered with various vendors to ensure we’re providing high quality products while getting you setup or upgraded. We’ve chosen HP Enterprise as our partner of choice for workstations, servers, and network storage devices. HP Enterprise delivers high performance and rigorously tested hardware that is second to none. For networks we’ve chosen to partner with Ubiquiti and MikroTik for switches, routers, and wireless networking hardware. Both of these vendors produce high quality products that are packed full of features at a price that won’t break the bank. For security we’ve gone with F-Secure, an industry tested and loved provider of antivirus and security software. It doesn’t matter what solution you need, we will be able to provide you with the help you need to get it all setup and support it into the future as problems arise.

Disaster Recovery

Your data is a critical asset and needs to be backed up as effectively as possible. We ensure when setting up a solution for our customers that an appropriate backup is put in place and our customers know how to use it and when it should be tested. When it comes to cloud solutions we’ve partnered with Dropbox, an industry leader in cloud storage software. Dropbox not only makes your data accessible from wherever you have an internet connection, but they also make sure your data is kept safe from accidental loss. Data isn’t the only asset that needs to be protected; modern businesses should also have a plan in place in case critical network infrastructure goes down and needs to be restored. We can assist you in creating a plan so that you know what to do and what to expect when that router blows up or the server fails, giving you peace of mind for the times that matter.

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud providers of choice are Dropbox and Office 365. We use Dropbox to ensure your data is accessible from everywhere that you need it and is kept safe from accidental loss. Dropbox is an industry leader in cloud storage and has a cloud storage offering that is packed full of features and at a very competitive rate. Office 365 is our choice of cloud provider for hosted emails. The exchange online ecosystem made available in Office 365 provides our customers with enterprise level hosted email compatible with all modern email clients and excellent integration with Outlook.

Software Development

We have the expertise in house to assist you in developing websites, software for Windows and Mac, and apps for iOS and Android. Our team possesses an intimate knowledge of a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and other technologies that allow us to rapidly produce high quality solutions. Sometimes the solutions available on the market already just don’t cut it and that’s where we come in to produce a custom product that does exactly what you need. This could be a product that manages your customer data and relationships, the next greatest mobile app, or even just a simple utility application for the desktop to make life a little bit easier. If you have a concept the best thing to do is get in contact with us so we can work through it together.

Email & Web Hosting

We register and manage our domains through TPP Wholesale and AWS, host customer emails with Office 365, and host customer websites and apps within the AWS ecosystem. We’ve specifically chosen these vendors based on their industry leading reputation and positive attitude to embracing modern technologies and trends. Our expectation from our vendors is high and we refuse to use someone who doesn’t meet them. You shouldn’t have to worry about how your domain, emails, or website are working in the background, leave that to us and get on with what you do best.

Internet & VoIP

All modern businesses need access to the internet for communicating with customers and sales. The ISP landscape is quite rocky and it’s hard to work out what you need and what will work best for your business, that’s where we come in. We can help you navigate the thousands of different service types and plans out there to make sure you end up with a service that’s appropriate for your business and its needs. We can also help you move your phone services across to VoIP giving you access to cheaper call rates,┬ámodern phones, and conferencing technology. We partner with 3CX to provide our customers with an onsite or cloud hosted PBX. 3CX is an industry leading software based PBX solution that provides you with a tonne of features for a tiny annual licensing cost. 3CX also enables your team to make and receive calls on the go from your public numbers using the 3CX app on their iOS or Android devices. Get in contact with us today to find out how a VoIP based PBX like 3CX can benefit your business.

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